Anal Lubrication

Anal sex is fun but the anus doesn't have any natural lubrication

Anal sex is fun but the anus doesn't have any natural lubrication. Finding the right lube and using it is essential for good anal sex. There are many on the market, lubricants are often used for vaginal and anal sex. Some are better than others.

With all lubricants, the secret is to use plenty of it and if the ass starts to get a little dry then use some more. Anal sex lubricants should be applied around the anus and inside, pushing in with a finger. Putting lubricant on the cock (or sex toys) will also help.

Some lubricants come with added desensitising, which will help reduce any pain from anal sex (sometimes men just go in too quickly or the sex toys are too big!). Desensitising creams are also available on their own. Anal Joyride recommends Anal Eaze for a fast acting and reliable cream which also comes with a little extra cherry flavour for more enjoyable analingus.

The Best Lube for Anal Sex

KY Jelly is the king of lubricants. It's been used more times for anal sex than any other lubrication and never fails to deliver.

Anal Jelly LubricationFor fun anal play there's also Golden Girl Anal Jelly, a super low friction lubricant with a little desensitising in it for fun and pain free anal sex. This is highly recommended for women who love big cocks and bigger sex toys. Try some Anal Jelly Here

There are times when getting caught without any special anal sex lube can happen. In the heat of the moment passions flair and the desire for a good hard cock in the ass can take over. No lube in the house (or car, or hotel room). Fear not. Some products can work equally well, they're just not recommended as a long-term alternative to specially made lubes.

Olive oil is said to be best and extra virgin olive oil even better for first time anal sex. Olive oil is easier to clean out and is less likely to rot and cause a possible infection inside the ass like regular vegetable oils will.

Vaseline is often joked about when it comes to anal sex but isn't the best lubricant. It can dry up too quickly.

Vaginal fluids are good but if the woman doesn't produce much then it's going take a while to get going. Plenty of oral sex fun for her though. Pussy juice and spit will get her ripe enough eventually.

Baby oil is fun and slippery. In fact, many slippery products can be used though try to avoid some bathroom products like shampoo. The kitchen is the best place to find something. Even salad cream can be used!